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Miniature "worlds" have been part of my world as far back as I can remember. When I was a kid, we'd create terrariums with Mom--miniature gardens in jars with moss and tiny plants from the woods around our home. Then there was Dad's model railroad stuff...he built a huge garden railway in the back yard. He also had a fishtank built into the livingroom wall, a fascinating underwater miniature world. I got involved in theatrical set design, and often built a rough model of the stage before construction. I always wished I'd put more detail into those models as I watched my sets get torn down at the end of the show. My dioramas and vignettes still draw on all these experiences today.

Philadelphia Flower Show
Miniature Settings

FSMC Club Projects

Delaware Art Museum Masterpieces in Miniature

Delaware Art Museum Architectural Model

Wild Spirit

The Sorceress

Gingerbread Cabin

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